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Luxcore, Inc. Unveils LambdaXchange Cloud Data Infrastructure Platform

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Cloud data infrastructure provider, Luxcore, Inc. announced the initial release of LambdaXchange Cloud Data Infrastructure Platform. Ledger technology platform backed by artificial intelligence (AI) will enable intelligent routing, switching and data transferring with several exchange hubs at Miami, Dallas, and Atlanta.

The government of the State of the African Diaspora (SOAD) has become Luxcore’s first global enterprise customer. SOAD is a Treaty Member of the African Economic Community of States, Nations, Territories, and Realms’ 6th Region. Luxcore will offer digital mobile banking services with its LambdaXchange cloud data infrastructure platform, products, and services.

“Our Parliament recently passed a law establishing our Code of Nationality and Citizenship: thus, the African Diaspora and also the Africans on the continent shall be eligible for SOAD’s digital ID,” said Dr Louis-Georges Tin, Prime Minister of SOAD. The ID Card will function as a Multi-Card. This historic initiative will provide digital services such as giving access to elections, our education system, banking and crypto services, e-commerce and more. We are excited to partner with Luxcore as our exclusive cloud services technology provider to help SOAD fulfil its goals and to enhance the lives of potentially 1.7 billion people globally.”

SOAD’s Global Data Infrastructure will be backed by Luxcore’s platform and core services. Specialized physical and virtual data computing, storage, and transport technologies will support the upcoming digital ecosystem. They provide services like:

• Internet Network Accessibility Points (NAP)
• SOAD Digital Citizenship ID App
• Digital Passport
• Mobile digital wallets,
• Centralized and decentralized crypto exchange service accessibility
• Availability of payment processing systems and transaction settlement services
• Facilitate merchant exchange for e-commerce and m-commerce
• Future DAapp (Decentralised applications) and app development

“Luxcore is one of the first cloud computing service providers whose core cloud data infrastructure platform is vertically integrated, from our photonic integrated circuit processors, redefined as layer one, through the higher integrated network layers to the application stack, which provides enhanced speed, scalability, and security for future Web3 digital apps and services,” said Gerald Ramdeen, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Luxcore, Inc.

Luxcore has raised funds to expand its cloud data infrastructure platform. Interest accredited and institutional investors can discover more about the transaction via the company’s website or electronic data centre, which is a private secondary market transaction.

With their unique LambaRouter and LambdaXchange Decentralized Network Architecture, Luxcore, Inc. has long been a leader in optical semiconductor and optical switching technologies, uniquely positioning them to deliver a future cloud data infrastructure model.

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