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Mage Launches General Availability Shortly After Announcing Raise From Google’s Gradient Ventures

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The company, which offers a low-code tool that lets developers build AI ranking models, Mage recently announced that its product is now generally available. Mage, which was started in 2021, has been in private beta since then, working closely with customers to make its tool user-friendly, intuitive, and easy to use.

The CEO and Co-founder Tommy Dang who has working experience with a lot of product developers at Airbnb noticed that Mage product developers have the potential to recognize the power of AI to increase the improvement of their product, but they are using data science resources to help implement their ideas. He said “there are great AI tools built in-house or provided as off-the-shelf software, but many of these don’t satisfy the needs of product developers. Existing solutions aren’t designed and built for product developers. Mage’s mission is to equip product developers with accessible AI technology so they can build magical products for their users.”

A cloud-based tool, Mage, enables product developers to create user engagement and retention models. For example, you could increase user engagement by ranking articles, comments, or posts on your user’s home feed or increase conversion by showing the most relevant products for the user to buy.

To use Mage, you must connect to existing data sources like Amplitude or Snowflake. Then, Mage will guide a user through the process of cleaning and improving the data, so that its quality is maximized during training. By using API requests, product developers can take advantage of the model’s real-time predictions once the model is trained.

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