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Major Highlights of NICE Industry Analyst Summit 2021

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I got an invite to attend NICE’s analyst summit in-person in Jackson Hole. I was very excited to participate in this event in-person and meet NICE’s team and fellow analysts. However, due to India’s continued restriction and travel ban, I couldn’t attend this event in person and had to participate in once again in virtual mode. I kept craving looking at amazing pictures and celebratory vibe from the event. However, I thoroughly enjoyed some of the most interesting presentations and strategic announcements made by NICE’s team during this event. It was amazing to see how NICE as a company has transformed over the years. This blog provides major highlights about various presentations and announcements made by the NICE team in the two-day event.

Barak Eilam, the CEO of NICE, kickstarted the event sharing how NICE as a company has evolved from divesting physical security products during 2014 to becoming a global leader in cloud & analytics, further leading the space for digital customer experience and AI at the present scenario. I specifically loved the way he explained how CX challenges are generation-less, where consumers across age groups have a common expectation of personalized services and frictionless experiences across interaction channels. He introduced CXi an AI-driven framework for Customer Experience Interactions. The CXi framework combines NICE CXone solutions, including CCaaS, WFO, Analytics, Self-service, Digital, and AI. The CXi framework plays a significant role in bridging the gaps between the consumer and the organization. The main goal of designing the CXi framework is to offer AI- and data-driven self-service solutions to the organization train agents to proactively address the customers’ needs and challenges faced across their customer journeys.

The NICE CXi framework powered by the Enlighten AI platform includes five important components: digital entry points, smart self-service, full CX orchestration, prepared agents, and complete performance. The summit included several presentations to deep dive into how the CXone platform, powered by the CXi framework and Enlighten AI, can help organizations prepare for the next generation of customer experience optimization.

Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE CXone, spoke about how NICE CXone with digital-first solutions is driving the next generation of CX transformation. CXone unifies digital, AI, and contact center technologies to drive the new standards in the CX space. The company continues to drive strategic investments in expanding CCaaS leadership with unified, cloud-native CXone, driving leadership performance with digital & self-service and further transforming CX with data-driven and AI-powered analytics. Further, he discussed the role of digital as a catalyst for market disruption and CX innovation. Jarman further highlighted about digital entry points and the smart self-service aspect of the CXi framework. He added information about the extraordinary experience witnessed from the digital doorstep journey. He also presented how smart data creates faster and better self-service for the users. He delineated CXone’s assets, capabilities, and new standards.

Barry Cooper, President for Workforce Engagement and CX, highlighted how Enlighten AI has transformed NICE’s analytics leadership into native AI-driven CX leadership. He explained how Enlighten AI is contributing to an increase in the number of interactions across digital channels. He emphasized the outstanding market acceptance of Enlighten AI, describing the three vital components, including quality management, compliant management, and bot training with XO (experience optimization). Further, he accentuated how the market is transforming from the growing demand for cloud-native to mobile-native and the increasing demand for AI-native solutions for CX transformation. NICE is currently investing in operationalizing native-AI across the product portfolio for further transforming CX. Barry also introduced Enlighten Data Platform that helps organizations integrate customers’ data and their interactions across digital channels. The platform supports AI models across CXi to help organizations differentiate with personalized and consistent CX across interaction channels.

John Willcutts introduced CXone Mobile that helps CX leaders further improve personalized experiences through the mobile-native solution. He also spoke about Enlighten XO that utilizes specialized ML models to integrate and analyze customers’ data across interaction channels, leveraging Enlighten Data Platforms to further optimize engagements and improve operational efficiencies of the contact center.

Tim Harris, the head product for CXone, explained the CX orchestration capabilities of CXone Studio. The CXone platform offers full CX orchestration enabling omnichannel routing, workflow, journey management, data and AI across the platform, and personalization. The platform allows organizations to design and optimize customer journeys with no-code and enable and offer personalized experiences.


Omri Hayner emphasized on CXi performance and prepared agents aspects of the CXone platform. He explained how customer servicing is transforming from adaptive and personalized towards more agile and digital. Omri explained how NICE WFO offerings include AI-based prepared agents and offer complete performance driven by offering insights across the customer journey, seamless experience across self-service and agents, and further optimizing agents and bots’ performance in a digital world.


NICE industry analyst summit 2021 highlighted the company’s long-term vision, strategies, and technology investments in further transforming the NICE CXone platform to offer extraordinary CX performance in a digital-first and omnichannel environment. The product strategy and roadmap towards offering AI-native CX solutions, the next generation of self-service and agent performance, journey orchestration and management, and others were quite exciting. NICE CXone platform with the new CXi framework and AI-native solutions is well-positioned to help organizations transform customer service experience in a digital-first environment.

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