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Manchester City Enhances Fan Experience by Partnering with Qualtrics

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Manchester City Football Club has recently announced a partnership with Qualtrics, a customer experience management company, to improve the fan experience at the Etihad Stadium. The partnership will see Qualtrics provide Manchester City with a comprehensive suite of tools to gather, analyze and act on fan feedback in real time. The club will use this data to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and preferences of its supporters and to identify areas where improvements can be made. 

 One of the key features of the partnership is the use of Qualtrics XM Platform, which will allow Manchester City to survey fans before, during, and after matches to gather feedback on a wide range of topics, such as stadium amenities, food and beverage options, and customer service. The club will also use Qualtrics to track and measure the success of its fan engagement initiatives, such as social media campaigns and community outreach programs. 

 In addition to the XM Platform, Manchester City will also be using Qualtrics CX, a customer experience management software that allows organizations to identify and address customer pain points in real time. This will enable the club to quickly respond to any issues that arise and to proactively address areas where improvements can be made. 

“Manchester City matches take place over 40 times a year and there’s so many opportunities for us to develop relationships and continue our engagement with our fans both in Manchester and around the world, extending that experience beyond the 90 minutes of football on the pitch. Without insight, understanding and feedback from fans we can’t learn how to improve and the feedback we are able to get via Qualtrics helps us to listen to our fans closely and helps us shape future decisions around matchdays,” stated Danny Wilson, Managing Director, Manchester City Operations. 

 The partnership with Qualtrics is part of Manchester City\’s ongoing efforts to improve the fan experience at the Etihad Stadium. The club has been investing heavily in new technologies, including a new mobile app and a digital ticketing system, to make it easier for fans to purchase tickets and access information about the club. The partnership will also help Manchester City to better understand the needs and preferences of its global fanbase, which includes fans from more than 180 countries. The club will be able to use the data provided by Qualtrics to tailor their engagement initiatives and to develop new products and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of its supporters. 

 “Fan feedback is increasingly important to sports clubs around the world. Qualtrics technology allows Manchester City to listen and understand feedback from all its fans – those in the stadium and those accessing the digital and at-home fan experience. This knowledge gives the clubs the information they need to ensure every fan feels special.”, stated Qualtrics President of Products and Engineering Brad Anderson. 

 Manchester City\’s partnership with Qualtrics is a major step forward in their efforts to improve the fan experience at the Etihad Stadium. By using Qualtrics\’ XM Platform and CX software, the club will be able to gather and analyze fan feedback in real time and quickly address any issues that arise. This will help the club to build deeper and more meaningful relationships with their supporters and to create a truly immersive and enjoyable matchday experience. 

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