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‘Hitee’, an artificial intelligencedriven chatbot, was announced by Mantra Labs in anticipation of its next version, intended to support enterprises with onboarding, operations, engagement, retention, and revenue growth for customers.

Parag Sharma, Co-founder & CEO at Mantra Labs, said, “Customers don’t need more apps, rather they want simpler, smarter ways to get work done in the apps and websites they already use. Intelligent chatbots make apps simpler, more human to use — and create device-agnostic experiences across channels. To ensure more personalized interactions with customers, we have introduced these updated features which will enable organizations to get customer intelligence in real-time which will, in turn, build better customer engagement.”

It includes new features such as Video-call support, Co-browsing, Omni-channel conversations, Multimedia & Carousel displays, and added nuance to conversational customer interactions. With the launch of the Make-in-India version of Hitee last year, Mantra created a hassle-free workplace experience for Small and Medium Businesses from their home or remote locations.

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, customer behavior has become highly volatile, leading organizations to look for holistic solutions that optimize customer journeys and improve business efficiencies. With Hitee, companies can develop vernacular capabilities; understand their users’ emotions, sentiments, and intentions; and provide prompt, contextual, and personalized assistance.

Mikhail Mitra, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Mantra Labs, commented, “The ongoing pandemic has increased customers’ dependency on digital mediums. They demand convenience. The penetration of social media has increased multifold in the past couple of years. This has accelerated the use of digital tools for communication. Customers have found chatbots to be the most convenient form of the support tool. Therefore, we’re also working with global firms to integrate AR-based visual support for agents to help solve customers’ problems.”

The company has worked with companies across a range of industries, including Health Insurance (formerly Religare Health Insurance); the global beverage giant Diageo; Tiara, the international jewelry brand; and other companies including Sugar Manufacturing Company, which is currently developing a customized bot.

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