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Mapp Enhances its Marketing Platform with New Features

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Mapp, a leading insights-led customer experience provider, recently added new features to its marketing platform, Mapp Cloud. Some of the updates include integration with a leading digital commerce platform, VTEX, for both Engage and Intelligence solutions, cross-channel marketing calendar, integration with no-code solution, Bubble.io, system whiteboards, swagger specification, improved “best sendout time”, enhanced statistics for mobile in-app messages, and more.

Following are some updated features and functionalities offered by the Mapp Cloud:

• The VTEX integration will allow users to sync and import transactional and product catalogue data from online store using APIs. This integration will follow a no-code approach which will help in enhancing e-commerce software solutions.

• The new marketing calendar will allow users to preview sent and scheduled messages across multiple channels in a single location.

• System whiteboards will help is automating system tasks like importing contacts, exporting data etc.

• Mapp Cloud’s integration with Bubble.io will allow users to build complex web applications with ease.

• Inclusion of swagger specification will allow customers to experiment with Mapp APIs by implementing it in various software projects.

Apart from this, Mapp has also made some improvements to its “best sendout time” algorithms in order to bridge communication gap between brands and customers. This feature will also determine the best sendout time for contacts with uncommon engagement patterns. In addition, Mapp has enhanced statistics for mobile in-app messages. It will allow users to track customer behaviour and make insights-driven decisions to enhance customer engagement and to improve customer satisfaction.

Ricardas Montvila, VP Global Strategy at Mapp, said: “Omni-channel is of critical importance to marketers. We constantly strive to empower our clients to reach their customers through all touchpoints, as part of a seamless customer experience. The physical and digital customer journeys are converging far faster than ever before. It’s crucial that our customers have a seamless and efficient way of executing, optimising and visualising these cross-channel customer experiences”. 


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