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Marchex Form Integration With VinSolutions Connect CRM

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Marchex, a global leader in conversational analytics and solutions, recently introduced integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM, a leading dealer in CRM systems that enables dealers to improve customer service and automatically update their customer relationship management systems (CRMs) as conversations occur.

Matt Muilenburg, Marchex SVP of Automotive, said, “Delivering a great experience by phone and SMS is the differentiator in the automotive shopping journey, as customers increasingly qualify the store before they will visit. Now, more than ever, it’s critical for the details of conversations to be captured and connected to the customer’s record in VinSolutions Connect CRM. Marchex AI capabilities have disrupted the industry; dealers now have reliable data, at scale, that can be viewed down to an agent level.”

Marchex and VinSolutions have aligned their services to integrate VinSolutions Connect CRM into the newly launched Marchex Engage for Automotive, thus increasing efficiencies and productivity for sales managers and sales representatives. By incorporating Marchex speech intelligence into customer record maintenance, dealers can improve data hygiene and better understand the customer experience and current performance of their sales teams by automating data entry tasks.

Using the Marchex Connect CRM integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM, automotive dealers can now :

  • Update the CRM system automatically with conversations and events maintains accurate customer records
  • Manage customer phone numbers from within the CRM system
  • Connect outbound calls from any phone, including mobile phones, without special, complicated connections or softphone integration

Chase Abbott, VP of Sales for Dealer Software Solutions at Cox Automotive, stated, “Marchex’s perspective and position in the automotive ecosystem make them a natural for deep integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM. Expect to see more and deeper integrations coming with Marchex to help dealers deliver the best customer experience possible.”


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