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MarketCast Enhances Media and Advertising Analytics through Phoenix Marketing International Deal

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Market research and data analytics firm, MarketCast has completed the purchase of research and analytics provider Phoenix Marketing International. MarketCast, with the help of Phoenix, is building a robust array of research solutions that cover the full advertising lifecycle, from determining what people believe about pre-released commercials to assessing how ads affect consumer beliefs and actions.

“The acquisition of Phoenix supports MarketCast’s vision of creating the most tech and data-forward research business on the planet, where primary research is combined with big data to determine what fans watch, buy, and listen to most, and why they choose to watch, buy, and listen. We see tremendous opportunity to bring these two businesses together, combining our unique media research and big data expertise to innovate new ad effectiveness solutions,” stated John Batter, CEO of MarketCast.

The acquisition will enable MarketCast to enhance its employee capability that will increase up to more than 100 technologists and quantitative and qualitative researchers above 400. Phoenix will be able to deliver higher client value by making use of MarketCast’s big data, smart tv, and ad attribution. Deeper audience insights can be delivered to clients with better clarity, which helps in improving understanding and predicting the performance of advertisements.

Allen R. DeCotiis, Ph.D., Founder, and CEO of Phoenix, stated, “We are very excited to join MarketCast, a team that shares our common values, passion, and vision for the future of advertising research and technology. With a powerful portfolio of media and advertising research and a record of working with the biggest names in entertainment, sports, and technology, MarketCast is the ideal home for Phoenix’s people, platforms and clients, and we look forward to beginning this new chapter of growth and innovation together.”

With the inclusion of Phoenix, MarketCast can now accommodate significant brand advertisers such as leading telecommunications corporations, automobiles, financial services, and CPG brands, in addition to media and entertainment. MarketCast’s quantitative and qualitative research, which is trusted by prominent media and technology businesses, is also introduced to Phoenix’s clients.

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