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MarkiTech Unveils API Market Place “SIGNIA”

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Technology and Healthcare artificial intelligence (AI) development firm MarkiTech announced the launch of its custom data monetization platform, “SIGNIA.” Organizations will be able to bring solutions, services, and technology development in a self-service-friendly manner to the community and developers.

The risk related to privacy issues while monetizing data can be solved with the help of “SIGNIA”. This problem is handled by the platform, which allows businesses to obtain anonymized data via APIs and make it available to developers at a low cost. The application programming interface (API) will be made public by the platform, and it will allow customers to buy it for personal use.

The major three features of the platform include an API catalog, online hackathons, and community. Through API catalog, firms can publish their APIs, search existing APIs of other firms, and will be able to purchase it. Online hackathons will be scheduled by SIGNIA to attract developers and service providers. The users can register for various events and present their projects. Users can access job notifications and the platform also provides community forums and several other facilities.

SIGNIA enables developers to access a very wide exposure of the firm’s APIs and will allow firms to work freely. Proper communication with the developers will help to get proper feedback, which enables firms to make necessary improvements to their APIs. SIGNIA also makes available all the APIs on a single page, which helps in comparing two APIs.

The company’s exceptional capacity to meet the demands of organizations in the healthcare industry has been acknowledged numerous times, leading to several nominations throughout 2021.

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