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Marq Announces the Release of Marq Advanced Analytics

Marq Announces the Release of Marq Advanced Analytics
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Marq, a leading brand-templating platform, recently launched Marq Advanced Analytics to provide companies with the visibility they need to make better design choices and provide teams with templates they can actually use.

Marq Advanced analytics streamlines the creation of content by enabling brands to identify the most popular templates used by their teams so that they can create more of what is useful, spot content that is out-of-date and in need of an update, slice and dice data to identify Marq super users, and send usage and template reports to executives across the company with a single click. These insights are provided by Marq with two degrees of analytics:

  • Mark Analytics: This includes foundational insights for implementation. These insights will be useful for implementing Marq across an organization. Marq Analytics examines total projects produced, downloaded, published, and shared, as well as high-level template involvement. For enterprises with a template library of -10, this level of analytics will provide information about the fundamental state of the company\’s templates.
  • Mark Advanced Analytics: This is for organizations with a template library of +10. Marq Advanced Analytics tracks content output and provides an accurate view of which teams are using the best templates. Businesses will benefit from richer template analytics, a better understanding of what teams are using, the ability to rapidly identify the most popular and underused templates, and access to outstanding project approvals.

Through advanced analytics, Marq is assisting its clients in making their brand accessible and useable across an organization. It includes everything from brand standards created for non-designers to brand asset accessibility to branded templates, so teams can confidently create their own on-brand material.

“At Marq, we know that content is a primary growth driver for our customers, making content visibility and optimization critically important. That’s why we built Marq Analytics – to give leaders actionable insights and build highly effective templates that meet the needs of their teams and customers”, said Owen Fuller, CEO of Marq.


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