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Mass Luminosity Launches Teleportation Technology with Picovoice

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Mass Luminosity, a global company in R&D, announced the release of its Teleportation™ patent through the integration of Picovoice. With Teleportation, Beacon® users can seamlessly transfer an in-progress video conference from one device to another by pressing a single button or using the voice-activated technology, SAMI™, in the upcoming premium version of Beacon. A call participant, who is on the original device, can teleport to the smartphone associated with the account in a matter of seconds.

Angel Munoz, founder, president, and CEO of Mass Luminosity, Inc., said, “We’ve made Beacon’s Teleportation both safe and easy, via the integration of the best wake word engine on the market, Picovoice Porcupine, to detect utterances of given wake phrases. Porcupine has been a great addition to Beacon, and offers a private, secure and seamless communication experience for our users.”

Beacon’s Voice AI introduces a higher level of privacy to an era when privacy is a concern with voice-activated assistants. Mass Luminosity joined forces with Picovoice to make this higher standard possible, integrating their artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can work on any device. HIPAA and GDPR compliance is ensured by the on-device processing.

Alireza Kenarsari-Anhari, the CEO, Picovoice, said, “We’re passionate about building user-friendly, accurate, and accessible voice solutions without sacrificing privacy. It’s been a great pleasure to share our passion with Mass Luminosity.”

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