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Mathpresso Raises Strategic Investment From Google

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Mathpresso, a Seoul-based edtech startup, has announced that it has received funding from Google.

Mathpresso’s flagship app, ‘QANDA,’ is an AI-powered mobile learning platform for students in grades K-12. QANDA provides detailed solutions and personalized learning content catered to each user’s level by recognizing text and mathematical formulas in a photo using optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Since its inception, the app has amassed over 45 million registered users and 3 billion education data points.

Mathpresso launched additional features on QANDA earlier this year with the goal of becoming a global ecosystem of all educational resources, along with the Premium subscription model offering byte-sized video lectures and the Community feature that improve cooperative learning.

Soo Nahm, Mathpresso’s Chief Financial Officer, said, “The investment by Google opens up exciting opportunities for Mathpresso and enhances our ability to serve students around the world. A laser focus on education has long been considered an important pillar for Korea’s extraordinary economic development, as the nation holds one of the highest levels of educational attainment along with one of the most sophisticated learning systems in the world. Together with the recent Series C funding, this investment will help us accelerate our global market expansion as well as our technological advancement.”

Mathpresso and Google see efficiencies that will support students’ global online educational experiences. Over 85 percent of QANDA’s users are from countries other than Korea, with Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Thailand having the largest user bases. Every day, roughly 10 million photos are uploaded to QANDA around the world. The platform features a unique curriculum categorization system that divides math problems into chapters, sections, and genres.


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