An expert in image editing, Media Backoffice, serving clients worldwide, has launched, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automatic tool for removing backgrounds from images for eCommerce, photographers, and graphic designers. Images of products and people are the focus of

Ken Watanabe, CEO of Media Backoffice, Inc., said, “With the advancement of AI-based tools like remove. bg, we sought an opportunity to provide a bigger value to customers: we decided to deep-dive into AI development, utilizing our unique advantage.”

Ken added, “Other companies may design the right algorithm. However, it can’t be very precise without using real images of before and after background removal: it will take these tools years to close the precision gap. They do not have legal access to the library of manually completed top-quality jobs where the background was removed and verified by trained humans.”

The resulting quality is significantly better when using in comparison with other solutions. With, graphics pros will save hours of tedious work on catalogs of hundreds of products or portraits.

Yoshi Niizuma, the CTO of, said, “We built our own data cataloging platform for machine learning by hand-selecting 1.5 million best-among-the-best diverse images. We trained the AI with NVIDIA A100 80GB GPUs while leveraging Human-In-The-Loop approach to validate results and provide feedback to AI.”

During the initial beta launch, all guests can test free of charge. The promotion will end after enough satisfied customers have validated’s viability. Adobe Exchange will also offer as a plugin for Photoshop. Make-in-Japan quality can be tested by professionals, graphic designers, and eCommerce store owners for free.