MediaWorks, creators of aiWARE, a platform that is hyper-expensive and provides enterprise-class insights into advertising performance, have licensed Veritone Attribute, an artificial intelligence (AI)– a driven application that does the same for real-time advertising data analytics. MediaWorks reaches more than 2.5 million listeners weekly through its radio and outdoor media networks and has 5,000 outdoor touchpoints across New Zealand.

MediaWorks Commercial Director Liz Fraser, said, “The real winners in this agreement are our advertisers. This technology will give them more tools and insights to ensure their campaigns are generating the best return on investment. With Veritone Attribute, we’re able to empower our advertisers with real-time tangible campaign metrics so they can optimize the value of partnering with MediaWorks.”

MediaWorks will deploy Veritone Attribute initially across its radio brands in New Zealand. In addition to facilitating advertising client visibility and engagement, Veritone Attribute can also be used to correlate broadcast ads of all formats with the client’s website and how customers interact with it. With MediaWorks’ Ad Optimizer, advertisers gain near-real-time access to performance insights to increase ROI, strengthen customer relationships, and inform ad optimization strategies.