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MEDICAL-NOTE and Imbio to Expand Image Analysis Tools

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Imbio, an artificial intelligence (AI) provider for chronic lung disease and cardiothoracic diseases, and MEDICAL-NOTE, an applications and software company that manages surgical procedures and facilitates team collaboration between teams, are joining forces to expand Imbio’s artificial intelligence throughout Italy. MEDICAL-NOTE will make the quantitative imaging data available to surgeons, pulmonologists, radiologists, and their patients directly through its applications.

Dave Hannes, CEO at Imbio, said, “Imbio is excited to embark on this journey with MEDICAL-NOTE to not only expand our distribution but also to integrate our algorithm outputs through their LUNG-NOTE application. Together we can help clinicians utilize the vast quantitative information obtained from patients’ diagnostic chest images for lung pathologies to ultimately drive actionable decision-making for better patient care.”

For patients suffering from both acute and chronic diseases, Imbio technology provides quantitative and personalized imaging analysis. Through fully automated imaging, the chest CT image is transformed into rich visual maps of the lungs with accompanying reports describing the types and extent of abnormalities in the images. Clinical initiatives from Imbio include lung cancer screening, smoking cessation, surgery planning, and pulmonary embolism management programs, and Imbio algorithms can be utilized in academic research and clinical trials for a wide range of diseases.

Stefano Palma, General Manager at MEDICAL-NOTE, said, “We are proud to announce this partnership with Imbio. Our mission to digitize the field of Medicine has always been clear to us. By integrating both Imbio’s Lung Texture and Lung Density Analysis products, we are now moving MEDICAL-NOTE to the next level.”

MEDICAL-NOTE allows surgeons to simplify their daily tasks, optimize preoperative planning, and minimize complications through digital solutions. Clinicians can use LUNG-NOTE to help diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, such as COPD/emphysema and fibrosis, by using Imbio’s Lung Density Analysis and Lung Texture Analysis.

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