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MiaRec Releases Integrated Voice Analytics

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A leader in voice AI and call recording solutions – MiaRec –  just released a major upgrade to its quality assurance and call recording platform. MiaRec provides solutions for contact centers and other applications, such as speech recognition, voice analytics, call recording, screen capturing, and quality assurance.

MiaRec CEO Gennadiy Bezko said, “MiaRec is thrilled to take our analytics update live. This update integrates multiple applications into a cohesive analytics platform. We built our analytics offering around flexible pricing models that allow customers to select the analytics functions they need.”

Bezko added, “We poured countless hours into this release to make our application surpass the expectations of a recording and quality assurance platform. Keyword spotting has been a useful part of speech recognition, but really taking advantage of it requires the application to group words topically—the way a person would. MiaRec looks for the number of times a spotted phrase occurs and alerts supervisors when a trend, positive or negative, is building in their call center.”

As a result of the upgrade, MiaRec can accurately collect and present customer engagement data from recordings in a new way. These new applications show alerts and the hottest topics using automatic keywords. With MiaRec’s new voice analytics platform, customers can better assure quality and comply with compliance regulations. MiaRec’s analytics can be used to extract actionable, business-critical data from customer conversations, including tools for call and employee scoring that help companies uncover inefficiencies and training needs.

Global enterprises and contact centers use MiaRec’s multi-tenant solutions to better serve their customers and protect their businesses. MiaRec enables customers to stay fully compliant with such industry regulations as PCI-DSS, FICA, MiFID II, GDPR, and HIPAA. Additionally, users can benefit from the new PCI-DSS compliance feature that allows for the masked transmission of audio and transcripts.

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