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Microsoft and Drone Express Work Together to Create AI Delivery Drones

Microsoft and Drone Express Work Together to Create AI Delivery Drones
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Drone Express, a cutting-edge last-mile logistics company, has collaborated with Microsoft to launch a new version of their DE-2020 drone that will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) for in-flight navigation systems.

This innovative collaboration will outfit delivery drones with Microsoft Azure to host AI solutions and train machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning.

Beth Flippo, Chief Executive Officer, said, “While our competitors are focusing on how to carry more weight, we are focusing on building a more intelligent aircraft. This technology, combined with our proprietary mesh networking capabilities, will propel our aircraft to the forefront of autonomous airborne logistics.”

With AI in place, drones can safely make decisions while in flight to deliver packages in cities. At the end of 2022, the first aircraft outfitted with this particular hardware will start production, offering customers faster and safer last-mile delivery options.

Currently, Drone Express is on track to be among the first businesses to receive a Part 135 FAA certification for autonomous drone delivery.


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