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Microsoft Azure Now Supports ThinkIQ Platforms “Visualize, Insight and Transform”

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Digital manufacturing transformation Software as a Service (SaaS) provider ThinkIQ has made its platforms “Visualise, Insight, and Transform”, accessible through Microsoft Azure. The introduction of these platforms will aid in collecting and manufacturing supply chain data, providing instant analysis of material traceability, and providing actionable insights that improve overall efficiency and flexibility. This will result in the development of Industry 4.0.

To boost the overall efficiency across the plant and supply chain, the digital transformation of manufacturing should also be monitored. Users of Visualise, Insight, and Transform now will be able to discover more possibilities and will be able to acquire a broad view of supply chains and materials.

All manufacturing data can be seen from a single contextualized cloud-based system with ThinkIQ Visualize, enabling relevant correlations and obtaining significant insights into your manufacturing environment. Vulnerabilities in supply chain behavior and machine learning that differ from design intent are identified using this platform.

Material ledger traceability is delivered by ThinkIQ Insight and supply chain operations across Azure are enhanced. This enables full visibility of all processing components within a facility as well as external locations, facilitating the discovery of previously unknown correlations and even root causes in the supply chain and internal production process.

By delivering unparalleled material trackability from supplier to manufacturer and consumer, ThinkIQ Transform enables the evolution to Industry 4.0. Azure enables better communication and product management with cloud data and identifies supply chain inefficiencies across the supply chain using data analytics.

“We’re excited to have our ThinkIQ platforms available on Microsoft Azure to truly enable our customers to achieve Industry 4.0,” said Niels Andersen, CTO and CPO of ThinkIQ. “Having data and insights stored on Azure provides unprecedented material traceability for manufacturers, giving them greater flexibility than ever before.”

Azure Communication Services, Azure IoT, Azure Networking, and Azure Storage are connected through ThinkIQ platforms.

“As supply chains are still strained globally, supply chain and material traceability has been a big priority for manufacturers and customers of ThinkIQ,” said Brian Remmel, General Manager, Business Applications – US Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft. “ThinkIQ’s solutions give customers more control of their data while extracting insights and identifying inefficiencies more quickly and accurately.”

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