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Mixpanel Makes its Product Analytics Solution Available on Google Cloud Marketplace

Mixpanel Makes its Product Analytics Solution Available on Google Cloud Marketplace
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Mixpanel, a leading product analytics software company, recently announced that its product analytics solution is now available on the google cloud marketplace. This partnership will help google cloud customers get started with Mixpanel easily.

The robust, user-friendly product analytics solution from Mixpanel helps product teams prioritize their roadmaps and create successful products by enabling them to understand what is and isn\’t working with their products. It also makes data more accessible across teams.

“Everything we do at Mixpanel is in service of helping product teams do more and move faster. Our product analytics solution being available on Google Cloud Marketplace reinforces that focus by making it even easier for product teams that use Google Cloud to get started with Mixpanel”, said Scott Singerman, Mixpanel’s Vice President of Global Partnerships.

Mixpanel\’s availability on the Google Cloud Marketplace enables product teams to take advantage of already-existing vendor partnerships with Google Cloud and avoid wasting time by certifying Mixpanel as a new vendor. Standardized marketplace transactions and terms also provide customers confidence and require less engagement from legal and contracting teams, enabling product teams to deploy Mixpanel more quickly.

In the Google Cloud Marketplace, Mixpanel joins a host of other complementary best-of-breed products like Fivetran, OneSignal, and Airship. Companies can now design product stacks that are tailored to their requirements.

Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud, said, “Technologies that help product teams develop and deliver solutions with data-backed insights are critical to optimizing the overall customer experience. By bringing its product analytics solution to Google Cloud Marketplace, Mixpanel is making it even easier for Google Cloud customers to deploy, manage and scale Mixpanel on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure.”

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