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MoEngage Enhances Enterprise Capabilities by Joining Hands with Microsoft

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The customer engagement platform, MoEngage, has entered into a partnership with Microsoft enabling businesses to collect information and implement targeted, omnichannel marketing for distinct consumer categories in order to increase engagement, retention, and revenue.

Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Customer Engagement Platforms (CEP) are major components of modern Martech stacks. A wide view of their customers and insights regarding their clients based on artificial intelligence (AI) are delivered through Microsoft’s consent-enabled CDP, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. On the other side, MoEngage’s Insights-led Engagement platform, often known as a CEP, enables companies to communicate with their consumers across their chosen communication channels at the correct time in their customer journey.

Raviteja Dodda, the CEO and co-founder of MoEngage stated “With our collaboration, enterprises can transform their business into customer-centric organizations by creating delightful and memorable experiences across multiple touchpoints. We’re happy to add Microsoft into our ever-growing partner ecosystem and are excited about co-creating the modern norms of customer engagement.”

Transactional, behavioral, and demographic data are brought together through this partnership which enables brands to create a multi-dimensional customer profile that they can then export to MoEngage to engage with via push notifications, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages, mobile in-app messages, or website messages. Organizations that try to enhance their engagement, retention, and revenue metrics can make use of MoEngage’s AI-engine Sherpa combined with Dynamics 365 which serves as go-to-automation integration.

MoEngage’s AI-engine Sherpa combined with Dynamics 365 serves as the go-to automation integration for enterprises that want to improve their engagement, retention, and revenue metrics.

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