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Mondia Digital and Mondia Contributes to Vodacom’s VodaPay Super App program

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A product-centric and data-driven company, Mondia Digital and Mondia Pay, a mondia group company, has contributed expertise and great innovation to Vodacom’s “Super App” launched in August 2021.

Paolo Rizzardini, CEO of Mondia Digital, said, “We are committed to the continuing digitalization of Africa, and the VodaPay Super App B2B ecosystem is an exciting opportunity in this regard. The future of digital content consumption is going to be driven by innovative partnerships that offer compelling and convenient consumer solutions. Our growth across Africa has been driven by our ability to create consumer-centric products with outstanding digital content, and secure long-term, fruitful partnerships with some of the most innovative and dynamic companies on the continent. Our enduring relationship with Vodacom continues to deliver value for consumers and a growing ecosystem of third-party businesses alike.”

VodaPay Super App, developed in partnership with Alibaba Group’s Alipay platform, allows users to do everything from paying bills to sending money, playing games to ordering takeout. VodaPay’s Super App enables consumers to pay through a single point of entry, without the need to download anything else.

VodaPay Super App has integrated all of the digital content, technology, and services from Mondia Digital into a simple user interface. Third-party content providers are also integrated into this ecosystem with VodaPay Super App.

Simon Rahmann, CEO of Mondia Pay, said, “The VodaPay Super App is an exciting environment in which to implement our DCB platform. All-in-one environments offering seamless access and seamless payment are the future of customer and business ecosystems. By offering consumers a simple, fast and secure way to pay for services using their mobile phone, we not only encourage financial inclusion, but we make it easier for local and global developers to offer their services to millions of more people.”

Through the Super App, Mondia Digital will offer a range of its custom content platforms, including Mum and Baby – a free-of-charge mobile health intervention that offers maternal, neonatal, and child health information that encourages healthy behaviors. vLive from Vodafone – a lifestyle and entertainment mini-ecosystem within the Super App that gamifies subscriptions to 123 Kaboodle from Mondia, Playinc., a comprehensive gaming portal, and My Muze, an all-encompassing music portal.

DCB is a seamless experience; no additional accounts are needed, or forms need to be completed. Paying through PayPal is quick and easy on mobile devices when filling out forms is time-consuming and cumbersome. DCB offers secure payment options. Personal information is not sent during the payment process, so there is no need to worry about identity theft.

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