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Moody’s Analytics Releases Asset-Liability Management Tool

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RiskIntegrity Investment Insight, asset-liability management (ALM) solution for insurers, has been launched by Moody’s Analytics. With the new tool, Moody’s Analytics is combining data and modeling capabilities to help insurers build liability-aware investment portfolios and better evaluate their investment strategies.

Phil Mowbray, Senior Director at Moody’s Analytics, said, “Insurers are looking for control and visibility of the economic assumptions and scenarios embedded in their investment process. They need to be able to quickly assess the impact of investment decisions across a range of business metrics – economic, capital, and liquidity. RiskIntegrity Investment Insight will help insurers to perform strategic asset allocation, make better investment decisions, and take more control of their investment process.”

Managing an insurance company’s investment strategy includes minimizing operational risks associated with complex data and models, understanding the impact of alternative asset classes, and adapting to regulatory changes. RiskIntegrity Investment Insight makes Moody’s Analytics content and models available as a SaaS solution to help insurers address these challenges by delivering user-friendly analytics and reports on demand.

Through the tool, ALM and investment teams can define new investment strategies to increase risk-adjusted returns and apply filters or constraints to align with the specific objectives and risk profiles under consideration. A product of Moody’s Analytics, RiskIntegrity Investment Insight helps insurers manage current and emerging risks and make better decisions involving risks.

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