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Motivus Partners with Alida to Offer Personalized Customer Experience

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Alida, a leading Customer Experience Management and Customer Insights platform, recently announced partnership with Motivus, a sales and customer experience consulting firm, to deliver improved customer services to global and local organizations in Singapore. Having established a strong presence in the field of sales training, business consulting, and customer service experience training for top brands like Hilton, ITC and Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Motivus now joins hands with the creator of Total Experience Management (TXM), Alida, that helps organizations understand and anticipate customer needs and choices to optimize customer and brand experiences.

Motivus’s offers tailored customer support and helps organizations attract, retain, and grow their customer base through secure and elevated customer experience. Introduction of Alida’s Total Experience Management (TXM) platform to Motivus would allow clients to improve interactions between organizations and customers.

Steven Medeiros, SVP and General Manager, APAC, Alida, said, “We are thrilled about our partnership with Motivus. Their team of experienced consultants are excellent in providing clients with the support needed to build and maintain thriving CX programs.”

“Combining Alida’s industry-leading TXM technology with personalised Motivus guidance, organisations will have all the tools to build impactful customer experiences”, added Steven.

While Motivus enhances their customers’ experience through training, coaching after practical learning, performing, and consulting, Alida Partner Network is known to deliver accurate customer insights and data that enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage in terms of customer experience. Hence, a partnership between such customer-centric companies would lead to increased customer engagement and help in building a stronger online community of customers.

Gary Smith, SVP Channel & Partner Alliances, Alida, stated, “Motivus has earned its impressive reputation for building successful and lasting CX initiatives”.

“They will be an excellent addition to the Alida Partner Network and we look forward to helping organisations harness the power of CX to remain competitive in their industries”, added Gary.

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