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Moveworks Announces Collaboration with Wipro

Moveworks Announces Collaboration with Wipro
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Moveworks, a leading conversational AI platform, announced that it has partnered with a leading technology services and consulting services provider, Wipro Limited. The joint solutions, made possible by the collaboration, will enable customers to turn their IT departments from cost centers to strategic assets. These collaborative solutions will offer a scalable, economical IT solution that will raise employee satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

On average, each month, employees send 1.1 IT tickets, with a normal resolution time of 3 days. This has a significant effect on employee productivity and the overall bottom line for major businesses. It turns out that 60% of these tickets involve fairly mundane tasks for service desk staff, such as password resets, software access, employee follow-up, and more. With the aid of artificial intelligence, the Moveworks and Wipro partnership seeks to completely eradicate this issue.

Jo Debecker, Senior Vice President & Global Head, Cloud and Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited, said, “While employee experience is at the forefront of digital workplace transformation in the hybrid model of work, driving digital imperatives for enterprises with a focus on personalization and human-digital augmentation is key. This requires empowering employees with AI-powered contextualized, omni-channel support that is effective at point of need and promotes automation at scale. With our strategic partnership with Moveworks, we bring in advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms, collective intelligence, dynamic language core, deep semantic match engine and a probabilistic approach to decision-making. So, employees can focus on the bigger projects that drive the business forward.”

Simply by chatting within their current messaging app, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, employees can communicate with the Moveworks bot. The Moveworks bot will then resolve difficulties instantaneously by utilizing hundreds of machine learning and natural language comprehension models. Additionally, Moveworks will direct the request to the relevant service desk agent for expedited support if the bot is unable to address it on its own. These advanced AI and machine learning capabilities will be enhanced by Wipro\’s extensive industry understanding and subject matter expertise in the digital workplace.

Wipro provides businesses with the scalable service desk expertise they need to keep up with the growing IT demand. Employees will benefit from the partnership\’s combined simplicity and efficiency in IT. Additionally, it will save businesses a large sum of time, money, and resources that were before devoted to meeting the demand that is only growing.

Customers of Moveworks and Wipro, including some of the leading manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms, and technology vendors from around the world, have already significantly decreased their service desk expenditures as well as their mean time to resolution (MTTR) for employee issues. These figures will only become better as time goes on because Moveworks\’ machine learning models are continually learning.

Bhavin Shah, CEO of Moveworks, said, “Businesses are stuck between a rock and a hard place. A positive employee experience remains critical for running a successful business, but the looming recession means there is more pressure than ever to improve operational efficiency. Our partnership with Wipro gives businesses the best of both worlds. Not only do customers get best-in-class support for their employees, they’ll also increase productivity and have access to the insights they need to improve operational efficiency as a result.”

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