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Mozart Data Joins Hand with Portable to Enhance Accessibility to No-Code Data Connectors

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All-in-one modern data platform, Mozart Data has joined hands with ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) platform, Portable to enhance access to no-code data connectors. The partnership will enable anyone to get access to data that is stored in siloes. A modern data stack can be developed within an hour and data can be connected to the Snowflake data warehouse in a minute without the help of any engineering resources, which enables Mozart to double its data sources. Those who are from non-technical backgrounds can easily connect data from various sources through this partnership.

“Mozart Data and Portable share the same goal of giving companies more time to focus on what’s unique to them, which is analyzing their data and coming up with insights that improve the business. Companies, like resource-strapped start-ups, no longer need to take their engineers off of building products to help pull data, set up integrations, or spin up a data stack. Data infrastructure should be quick and easy to set up and require minimal maintenance, and now it is,” stated Peter Fishman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Mozart Data.

Individuals from non-technical and non-engineering backgrounds make data-driven decisions using no-code tools which have simplified the process of accessing, understanding, and working with the data. ETL/ELT solutions that can be implemented without any technical knowledge can be developed using the partnership and organizations will be able to get a detailed view of their clients. This will help them monitor and analyze omnichannel campaigns, simplify operations and make better use of their data.

Ethan Aaron, CEO, and Co-Founder of Portable said “By combining Mozart Data’s simplicity with Portable’s connectivity – teams can finally stand up a purpose-built tech stack in no time. Instead of wrangling vendors, or reading API documentation, teams can focus on solving real, high-value problems with data.”

In addition, the cooperation solves a market gap in connections. The quick development of new connectors by Portable will continue to provide data sources to Mozart Data’s ETL solution, including hard-to-find specialized sources.

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