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mParticle Announces Acquisition of Indicative to Help Teams Boost Customer Data Strategy

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A global leader in customer data infrastructure, mParticle, recently announced the acquisition of a customer journey analytics platform, Indicative.

mParticle CEO Michael Katz said, “Solving the challenges around data quality, governance, and connectivity have allowed our customers to build a strong foundation for delivering world-class digital experiences. This acquisition is about looking at where mParticle can help our customers create more leverage and accelerate their customer data strategy even further. The acquisition of Indicative is a natural extension of our core offering, and should help teams seamlessly compress time to the data value.”

It is mParticle’s very first acquisition. Customers are allowed to perceive and comprehend critical stages in the customer experience, as well as take prompt action to boost conversion, engagement, and retention more readily. Customers’ data from other sources, such as data warehouses like Snowflake, will be easily ingested into mParticle thanks to the unified offering. mParticle will integrate Indicative’s personnel, managed by Indicative’s CEO and cofounder Jeremy Levy, in addition to integrating Indicative’s product skills. At this point, the deal’s terms are being kept under wraps.

Indicative CEO and cofounder Jeremy Levy said, “The opportunity to combine customer journey exploration capabilities with best-in-class customer data infrastructure will help teams compound the value of their data stacks. This is a really exciting moment for the Indicative team. Not only are the company visions completely aligned, but we also have strong cultural alignment focusing on customers first and creating value through customer data.”

Teams will be able to accelerate their customer data strategy by expanding the product offering to include new data sources and out-of-the-box investigation capabilities. For the past many years, the Indicative team has been assisting industry-leading businesses in optimizing their customer experiences. They offer simple dashboard configuration and access to client data via direct links to the data warehouse ecosystem.


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