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mParticle Helps Danish Retailer Søstrene Grene Bring Hygge to Omnichannel Customer Data

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One of the largest independent customer data platforms, mParticle, has announced its selection by Danish retailer, Søstrene Grene Import A/S as its customer data platform (CDP). mParticle will enable Søstrene Grene to unify its customer data and activate insights across online and in-store touchpoints.

Karen Gallantry, mParticle Chief Revenue Officer, said, “The future of retail lies in how well a company understands the customer journey. Søstrene Grene’s products are designed to inspire creativity and joy, and every customer touchpoint must do the same. Using mParticle, Søstrene Grene can unleash deeper insights to ensure they deliver on their brand promise with every customer interaction.”

The mParticle enables Søstrene Grene to understand the customer journey more comprehensively by providing all known customers with a unified ID. In order to optimize customer engagement, deliver tailored product recommendations, and improve overall customer experience, Søstrene Grene can receive a clear picture of customer behavior. As part of Søstrene Grene’s marketing program, mParticle allows Søstrene Grene to A/B test across channels, enabling the company to gain new insights and a data-driven advantage not previously possible.

Rasmus Skjøtt, Chief Digital Officer, Omnichannel, at Søstrene Grene, said, “We are confident that mParticle will play a foundational role in our digital transformation. The platform’s ability to ingest data and control permissions through a single interface makes it an extremely powerful tool for managing customer data across our organization. Gaining a unified view of each customer will help us provide shoppers with the most relevant information and product deals whether they are shopping online or in-store.”

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