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Multifamily Acquisitions Platform by Offerd Brings in New Updates

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Pioneer in Multifamily Acquisition-as-a-Service specializing in sourcing large and off-market complexes with predictive analytics, Offerd’s market-leading platform reveals new updates. The technology allows capital groups to target new markets and specific assets by displaying massive amounts of data in a visually rich setting. Offerd complements the technology with services like making bids on behalf of partner capital groups to property owners. Expanded research capabilities, seamless communications to optimize active plans, and improved insight into ongoing campaigns are among the platform’s new features. The technologies and services which expand third-party acquisition markets that enable Offerd to deliver next-generation services are included in the recent update.

The whole suite of services offered by Offerd is geared around one goal: increasing transaction flow. Many multifamily operators collaborate with the organization, some of whom lack the resources or ability to focus on many markets at once. Services that include discovering prospects that are suitable, research works, initiation of talks, facilitating due diligence and funding, and speeding up the closing process are provided in the new update.

Travis Farese, founder, and CEO of Offerd stated, “Nearly half of all multifamily acquisitions are still made by the same handful of investors with strong acquisition capabilities in-house. Meanwhile, the multifamily market has made it through the pandemic with greater resilience and vitality than every other real estate segment—there’s undeniable potential here for investors in every category. Our core mission is to broaden the universe for this critical discipline: The Acquisitions-as-a-Service model gives investors of all types the same level of sourcing, research, marketing, negotiation, transaction, and remodel capabilities that are otherwise available only to the largest multifamily operators. We recognize the need for constant progress in this industry, and we’re proud to expand our market reach with new offerings to achieve even greater success.”

The number of acquisition partners and transactions on Offerd’s list continues to grow at an ever-increasing rate, with countrywide coverage. Offerd also enables their partners to broaden their focus by connecting them with perfect prospects in new markets that would not have been discovered through typical sourcing initiatives

A unique database of multifamily properties numbering more than 100,000 around the country is featured in the Offerd platform, which consists of rich algorithms, data, and several other demographic indicators. To analyze the historical, current, and anticipated national, market, sub-market, and property-level facts and trends, there is detailed data in 10,000+ categories, integrated with unique algorithms and software. To execute focused sourcing campaigns adapted to each partner’s individual acquisition strategy, the organization combines technology, proprietary information, market experience, and a countrywide network of connections.

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