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MultiSearch Now Accessible in Google Chrome with Dokkio’s New Sidebar

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An AI-driven tool provider, Dokkio, has announced Dokkio Sidebar 3.0, an extension for Chrome that adds intelligence to web pages and web applications. When juggling tabs, Sidebar immediately makes knowledge and content from a team’s files available while working on email, using online tools like Slack or Notion, or performing web research. Using Sidebar’s innovative MultiSearch feature, you can search “somewhere” (e.g., in Dropbox or Google Drive) and “everywhere” simultaneously.

Automatic MultiSearch

The Sidebar automatically conducts a “shadow” search across a team’s file repositories and accounts when it detects searches in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. MultiSearch removes the need to search in the wrong place or find outdated revisions. Additionally, Sidebar allows teams to access the most recently edited or created documents, regardless of where they reside, to stay in sync at all times.

A sidebar automatically analyzes all visited web pages and suggests tags based on their content. Adding a partial-page screenshot to a team knowledge base is as simple as clicking on it, clipping it, bookmarking it, and auto-tagging it.

Improved Collaborative Authoring

When reviewing, creating, editing, or reviewing online documents (e.g., Google Docs, Office 365, or Notion), Sidebar makes files and knowledge instantly accessible. Selecting text can be converted with one click into a search, embedded file links, or copied and pasted.

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