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My Intuitive App – a Robotic Surgery Platform From Intuitive

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Intuitive, a global technological leader in minimally invasive treatment and the pioneer of robotic-assisted surgery, has announced the launch of its My Intuitive App (MIA), a one-of-a-kind platform for surgeons in India employing da Vinci surgical equipment.

Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP, and GM, Intuitive India, said, “At Intuitive, we pride ourselves on the technological advancements we bring to the world through innovations aimed at improving surgeon experience and patient outcomes. The My Intuitive App is a key part of our digital and data support strategy. We believe that through the utilization of MIA, surgeons can continue to leverage newer learning approaches, improve their surgical skills, and drive improved clinical outcomes.”

The My Intuitive App provides surgeons with a single point of access to surgery data, allowing them to discover and act on it. The ergonomic choices, case timelines, and instruments used by surgeons are all recorded in My Intuitive App. With the help of the software, surgeons can gain actionable insights from the data collected during robotic-assisted surgeries performed with the da Vinci Surgical System in order to refine their skills and benchmark their work against peers using global averages.

Intuitive’s digital and data support approach relies heavily on the mobile app. It connects people to their personalized network of advanced robotic systems, learning, and services by acting as a digital portal to many areas of the Intuitive ecosystem.

The MIA also gives access to the Intuitive Learning Platform, an in-depth learning environment with films, learning modules, simulation models, and other instructional tools, in addition to operational data.


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