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Nala Robotics Launches Fully Autonomous Pizzeria Restaurant

Nala Robotics introduces Pizzaiola
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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology company revolutionizing the culinary industry through its restaurant-as-a-service platform, Nala Robotics introduced a fully automated Pizzeria restaurant, Pizzaiola. Pizzaiola offers restaurateurs a complete solution for easy customization of pizzeria style eatery, offering a wide range of items, including pasta, salads, burgers, and other options. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that consists of a 7-axis robotic chef with a kitchen that operates within a 12 x 12 space.

“Pizzaiola is a fully robotic pizza maker that can cook up to 50 pizzas an hour, providing consumers with an endless array of customized choices and styles, from Chicago to Neapolitan and everything in between. Most importantly, our model allows kitchens to seamlessly add friers, grills, and other food making and prep stations within the same 144-square-foot area to offer additional menu items, such as fries, bowls, burgers, wings, salads, pasta, and more,” stated Ajay Sunkara, Co-founder and CEO, Nala Robotics.

Pizzaiola’s natural language processing capabilities enable responses to voice menu requests at the point-of-sale or operational directives in the kitchen, saving consumers time and greatly enhancing productivity. To ensure safety and increase efficiency, over 1,200 criteria, including food quality, point-of-sale, and robot range of vision, are verified every microsecond. The modular solutions provided by Nala Robotics enable the users to choose pizza ovens ranging from traditional, conveyor style, and brick which results in a unique and true food experience for the customers. The easily customizable solution enables the users to add appliances such as friers, grills, pasta, and salad stations.

“While the restaurant industry continues to experience labor shortages, consumers still crave unique dining experiences. The Pizzaiola platform enables restaurants to serve a variety of popular dishes beyond pizza that will increase revenue per square foot, as well as helps fill employment gaps associated with brick-and-mortar establishments. Our own analysis has shown that Pizzaiola can provide the same output as two full-time workers, plus it’s capable of working 24-7-365 while yielding a solid return on investment in less than two years,” Sunkara also added.

Pizzaiola can prepare unlimited meals with precise precision using Nala Robotics’ machine learning technology at any time and from any location. Restaurants can construct virtual storefronts for distant transactions using a website or online food ordering and delivery platform in addition to on-premises ordering through multi-modal kiosks for in-dining or takeaway. Orders are forwarded to Pizzaiola, where they are completed, picked up, or delivered to the designated consumers.

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