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Nauto Unveils New White Paper to Measure Driving Risks for Commercial Fleets

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An AI-based vehicle safety technology provider for fleets and the automotive sector, Nauto®, released a white paper on how reducing risky driving behaviors correlates with fewer vehicle collisions and losses.
A new paper from the company explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can help measure and reduce fleet risk, including how it can reduce collisions by up to 80% while improving driver performance. Companies can therefore change the way they approach risk, safety, and operations.

Yoav Banin, Chief Product Officer at Nauto, said, “Nauto works with some of the largest fleets in the transport industry that are driving millions of miles each day in an environment where collisions and fatalities are near record levels. Our clients are urgently looking for better collision risk mitigation solutions. This paper establishes the important correlation between Nauto’s AI-powered platform and a measurable reduction in risk factors. The proof is shown intangible customer performance and ROI data after deploying Nauto.”

Banin added, “Driver safety and training are the foundation of fleet success. We are committed to using data, analytics, and cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers have the best possible solution to improve driver performance.”

The white paper reveals two customer case studies: the first demonstrates how a major global package delivery fleet reduced collisions by 82 percent and loss by 84 percent, and the second shows how a large last-mile delivery fleet reduced distractions by 92 percent without any direct management involvement.

New features launched by Nauto include notifications and warnings for pedestrian accidents, speeding over the posted speed limit, intersection violations, and drowsiness and progressive fatigue. Through the addition of these features, Nauto’s in-vehicle alerts and AI-based driver coaching now cover over 90 percent of the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s weighted collision risk factors.

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