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Navig8 Enhances Business Services Using Windward’s Maritime AI Platform

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Predictive intelligence firm applying artificial intelligence (AI), Windward, and commercial management firm, Navig8 has announced a partnership. Windward’s maritime AI platform will be used by Navig8 to undertake data-driven vessel screening for compliance, bunkering, and legal procedures, allowing them to conduct fast and smooth due diligence, expedite their trading operations, and improve business development procedures.

“The current regulatory climate necessitates all maritime players to digitalize their sanctions compliance and bunkering processes. We are proud to provide Navig8, one of the top tonnage providers to oil majors and leading commodities traders in the world, with a comprehensive view of what is happening with their fleet. Our solution takes it one step further and ensures sanctions compliance and optimized business practices, leveraging our technology to find more bunker trading opportunities, freeing up Navig8 to look to the future and focus on other business needs and goals,” stated, Ami Daniel, Co-Founder & CEO of Windward.

Windward’s platform will be Navig8’s principal tool for sanctions compliance, allowing them to optimize screening for every vessel entering their pools as well as any third-party boats conducting ship-to-ship transfers with their fleet. The tool will be used by Navig8’s bunkering firm, Integr8, to examine all boats they bunker. Windward’s Maritime artificial intelligence (AI) solution is based on powerful machine learning (ML) and behavioral analytics models, which provide Navig8 with insights into vessel behaviors, ownership structures, and corporate risks, as well as real-time predictions of which firms and vessels are at risk.

Paul Stevens, Chief Financial Officer of Navig8 said, “Our partnership with Windward is an essential tool to help us make clear and timely trading decisions across a number of our business lines and offerings. Windward’s research and alerting capabilities offer swift and efficient support for our business team, which uses the platform to create business intelligence insights and facilitate new business opportunities.”

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