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NEAR and Defy Partner to Deliver Precision Data Analytics

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It has been announced that Defy Trends and NEAR have entered into a new partnership. The collaboration between Defy Trends and NEAR aims to provide the blockchain platform’s users and investors with reliable and up-to-date data analytics, contributing to data-backed investment and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency activities.

A simple, secure, and expandable NEAR platform backing long-term blockchain usage will allow users and investors to make informed choices with Defy Trends’ data analytics AI and software. Defy Trends, which provides quick and easy real-time analytics, uses on-and-off-chain analytical methods and state-of-the-art algorithms to deliver study findings based on DeFi basics and opinion. The data and the market are thus viewed in a comprehensive and confident manner.

NEAR provides a layer-one, proof-of-stake blockchain platform that is easy to learn and use, as well as secure and scalable. NEAR has been certified as a carbon-neutral platform with the assistance of the South Pole, the world’s leading low-carbon venture promoter and climate solution vendor.

Defy Trends and NEAR are striving toward the same goals as the world of decentralized finance matures and expands: a commitment to sustainability, unfettered asset mobility, and open communication across platforms. Defy Trends now supports a number of green blockchain initiatives that promote clean cryptocurrency mining in economically developing countries that have yet to completely adopt decentralized financing.

As Defy Trends’ COO, Daniela Henao Moreno states, “This is a crucial investment and phase of our development narrative where we emphasize our collaborations based on the same values and honesty. In the future, individuals will have more power over their funds, their information, and the resources they use to develop new plans, according to NEAR.”

“We’re thrilled to join forces with you to bring this vision to fruition. NEAR’s long-term backing for Defy Trends is a major factor in the company’s rapid rise to the top of the blockchain info market.”

Defy Trends is advancing its objective of making decentralized finance a reality for everyone who wants to participate in it while also making it more accessible by adding NEAR to its growing roster of blockchain sponsors.

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