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Nedbank Introduces Intelligent Digital Assistant Driven by Conversational AI – Enbi

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Kasisto, the provider of KAI, a leading digital experience platform for the financial services industry, announced that Nedbank, a leading African financial institution, has chosen KAI as the engine behind their intelligent digital assistant – Enbi. Nedbank selected Kasisto for its proven conversational AI technology and its ability to transform customers’ digital experiences.

Zor Gorelov, CEO and Co-Founder, Kasisto, commented, “We are absolutely excited to work with Nedbank as they set the new standard with their digital-first strategy and raise the bar as to what an intelligent digital assistant can do for their customers across the African market. KAI fit the bill and provided all the advanced AI features Nedbank was looking for in a digital experience platform. Working together, Kasisto and Nedbank will ensure that Enbi delivers an exceptional digital experience to Nedbank’s customers, driving digital adoption and engagement.”

Nedbank is a leading South African bank with close to $80 billion worth of assets, over 27 thousand employees, and nearly 7 million clients. Nedbank strives to deliver market-leading solutions to clients that improve client satisfaction.

Ravikumaran Govender, Programme Executive for Digital Fast Lane at Nedbank, said, “At Nedbank, we recognize that our customers are digitally savvy and demand banking experiences that provide value. Kasisto’s ability to deliver an intuitive and intelligent digital offering supports Nedbank’s ‘digital with heart’ commitment and is aligned to our ‘first in digital, digital first’ journey. Our KAI-powered intelligent digital assistant, Enbi will deliver truly intuitive and engaging digital banking experiences our customers are looking for.”

Using Enbi, Nedbank’s customers are provided an intelligent, insightful, and frictionless digital banking experience by helping them with their day-to-day banking needs and questions. Through insights into their account information, spending patterns, and human-like conversations with Enbi, customers can discover Nedbank’s banking services and products. The capabilities of AI-powered assistants like Enbi improve over time. KAI’s powerful conversational AI technology combines customer financial information with interaction history to provide customer experiences that are personalized and delightful.

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