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Netradyne Releases Unique Features to Optimize Fleet Safety and Driver Performance

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A global leader in Artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing, Netradyne has launched a new product to provide actionable insights into driver performance. This feature helps fleet managers continually improve and enhance safety throughout the fleet. New and existing customers will be able to take advantage of all these advanced technology features beginning in July. Netradyne is determined to build the tools and features fleets need to see true performance improvements following their recent funding announcement.

Adam Kahn, President, Fleet Business and Certified Transportation Professional (CTP®), Netradyne, commented, “We continually strive to listen to our customers and create features that improve and foster a culture of safety within their fleets. These new features address fleets’ real-world needs for a comprehensive platform that provides a complete safety picture of a driver’s day while also yielding actionable information to help increase operational efficiency and driver safety.”

Netradyne’s comprehensive fleet solutions have advanced video safety cameras and tracking tools, as well as driver awareness tools to help reduce risky driving behavior and reward safe driving decisions. Unlike legacy platforms that record video only when an incident occurs, the fleet safety solution utilizes patented advanced AI and Edge Computing to capture the full driving day from start to finish with accurate object detection, event causality, and full visibility to all activities occurring on the road.

The following are some of the new features that are available to Netradyne customers:

  • Compound Alerts: In this feature, two alerts are grouped together in close sequence, and if any of them occurred at the same time, it calculates that one could have been the cause of another. As a result, a more accurate picture of risky driving behavior is portrayed. It is a combination of driver distractions and the following distance alert system. With this feature, fleets can identify multiple risky behaviors simultaneously and see the impact these behaviors have on drivers’ GreenZone scores.
  • Wake on Motion: A unique feature that powers up the D-210 when motion is detected. Installing this kit is easy; there is no need to drill, do electrical wiring, etc. The vehicle is protected from vandalism while the cost is reduced.
  • Event Preview: Provides safety managers with instant access to alert videos that require attention.
  • Posted Speeding In-cab alerts: Creates an opportunity for self-coaching for drivers by generating corrective actions before alerts occur. By preventing road accidents in real-time, safety managers save time spent on coaching.
  • Location-based Event Access Search: By locating drivers or vehicles even if they are unknown, and having access to video to exonerate them, business efficiency is improved.

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