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Neustar Launches the Fabrick Impact Assessment™

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An identity resolution provider, Neustar Inc., has launched Fabrick Impact Assessment, a new tool for diagnosing and mitigating the effects of third-party cookie deprecation, loss of device IDs, and other factors affecting marketing investments. This diagnostic allows brands to reduce advertising revenues, media reach, and measurement accuracy by preventing data degradation and avoiding future losses.

Michael Schoen, Senior Vice President and GM of Marketing Solutions at Neustar, said, “Brands can’t afford to take a wait and see approach when it comes to their ability to advertise and measure the impact of their marketing investments effectively in the future. The Fabrick Impact Assessment enables brands to quickly measure the unique risks they might face, and proactively adapt their marketing and measurement strategies to set them up for success before it’s too late.”

With Fabrick Impact Assessment, Neustar clients can evaluate the impact of deprecating their identification of measurement and media syndication partners. Marketers can use this to identify measurement and media ecosystem gaps. Among the underlying dimensions affecting impact, scores are media spending or volume, application use cases, identifiers, match rates, integration types, and data quality. The diagnostic includes a multitude of channels, platforms, and formats including retail, display, mobile, Google Adwords, programmatic, social media, search, linear and connected TV, direct mail, email, and out-of-home advertising.

As part of Neustar marketing solutions, all Neustar clients utilize Fabrick Impact Assessments on a recurring basis to diagnose media and channel gaps and develop proactive approaches to sustain and grow audience reach and measurement accuracy across all addressable channels.

Neustar Fabrick Impact Assessment provides an in-depth look at the impact of Neustar’s Unified Identity and Unified Analytics solutions on the Neustar Fabrick data connectivity platform. The Fabrick platform enables marketers to activate and measure up to 80% of their media without relying on third-party cookies.

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