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New Active Archive Solution From DataCore Software and Atempo

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DataCore Software, and Atempo, a Data Protection and Data Management independent software vendor, have announced the integration of the Atempo Miria Data Management platform with the DataCore Swarm object storage software. This combined solution will give access to users to easily store and safeguard big amounts of data for long-term maintenance and instant recollecting while off-loading primary storage assets.

Louis Laszlo, Director of Product Management at Atempo, said, “Miria’s new WORM capabilities for long-term archive now take full advantage of the S3-compatible API and immutability options in DataCore Swarm, enabling granular time navigation through simple retrieval of multiple files at a given point in time. It offers highly flexible configurations, high availability, and unmatched performance while reducing enterprise storage costs.”

Miria, an agile data management platform that utilizes the highly flexible Swarm software-defined object storage, includes this joint solution to streamline storage management and reduce costs. From an organization’s point of view, both of these aspects are extremely important when facing stretched IT budgets and resources.

Ben Watson, Technical Director, Product Management for DataCore, said, “Customers favor the combination of Miria and Swarm for their active archive workflows for several reasons, including the open approach for managing and storing metadata with each object, the scalability of the joined solution as well as the high performances delivered. They benefit from a flexible and massively scalable archive where content is immediately accessible to users and workflows. Both solution elements have an extensive track record for addressing customers’ challenges in rapidly scaling media library or sharing content between remote sites.”

For active archiving, organizations are mostly using Atempo Miria and DataCore Swarm, which maintain large volumes of multimedia files, including videos, so those files can be retrieved on-demand in full or in part directly through Media Asset Managers (MAM) or Miria.

Swarm’s WORM/immutability options let Miria easily protect important files from ransomware, tampering, or accidental deletion using its new capabilities.

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