A consumer-first product developer, Hub88, has developed a casino management and reporting application that enables betting operators to track key performance indicators more effectively.

Jose Micallef, Managing Director, Hub88, commented, “Our customers already loved the Hub88 back-office as it is the most feature-rich and customizable of its kind. This new application puts the full power of this back-office into your pocket, so you are able to monitor and optimize in real-time, wherever you might be.”

The app, available for free on iOS or Android, promises to give casino operators a flexible solution to our reporting needs, enabling them to monitor their partners’ and subsidiaries’ operations in real-time, free of charge. In addition, this platform gives casinos the ability to manage bonuses and free content via their back offices, helping them improve their business intelligence (BI).

APIs, or application programming interfaces, are the developer’s main product. Hub88 claims the new platform can be up and running within three days after a betting operator switches to Hub88’s API. Among these are managing KPIs, managing gaming content, and making payments.

Hub88 offers a range of casino games, with over 3,000 titles in its library. In the recent past, the company released a new engagement tool, known as the Phoenix Jackpot Wheel. Hub88’s network of 50 content suppliers claims to be using the tool. The tool is said to be a new approach to jackpot-related gambling.

The company also recently partnered with Melita FC; a soccer club based in Malta. Hub88 will develop tools for football clubs to analyze how their players perform technically as part of the agreement.