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New Contact Center Solution From Automation Anywhere to Help Enterprises

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An industry leader in intelligent automation, Automation Anywhere, has announced Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers, a cloud-native, AI-driven automation solution designed to deliver better customer service rapidly.

Mike Micucci, Chief Operating Officer, Automation Anywhere, said, “The last thing today’s leading brands want to do is ask a customer to ‘hold please,’ while service teams scramble to find account details, order history, or other information they need to quickly solve a customer problem. Our cloud-native automation platform works with all contact center platforms to connect data and automate manual processes, empowering agents to solve problems, faster.”

Customer service agents interact with customers over an ever-growing number of digital channels. Organizations want to equip agents with a complete picture of the customer at the same time. It’s complicated in reality, as both virtual and human call center agents must use multiple apps, data sources, and systems to obtain the required information.

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers solution allows agents to find, retrieve, and update information faster and more accurately, as well as execute client transactions with greater speed and accuracy to reduce hold times and speed up service delivery. AARI, a smart, no-code, easy-to-use interface for automating tasks and interactions across multiple systems, is integrated with Automation 360, the world’s leading cloud-native robotic process automation (RPA) platform.

Through AARI, a personal robotic assistant that offers a single pane of glass for all automation, the solution can scale to accommodate thousands of agents, both live and virtual, and offers additional functions, such as:

Improve Live Agent Experience: Automation 360 connects multiple systems of record, such as CRM, customer interactions, payment history, and authentications, to provide the agent with a complete view of the customer. Automation of backend workflows, updates, and escalations is possible with AARI.

Automating the response time of virtual agents with complete data: Intelligent automation utilizes data from modern and legacy systems to enhance virtual agent responsiveness to customer inquiries, address more complex inquiries accurately, and provide the next-best actions based on AI recommendations. With virtual agents, customers can resolve end-to-end customer cases without the need for human interaction.

Connect and scale across existing systems: Automation 360 connects and supports integration with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI) and Genesys Cloud Customer Experience, providing more flexibility for agents whose workflows are complicated.

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