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New Data Product Functionality of Starburst Enhances Data Mesh Journey

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Analytics firm Starburst introduced new features to its premium product, Starburst Enterprise. With the new feature, Starburst enterprises will be able to build and share data and provide an indigenous foundation for Data Mesh employment. New features will be highlighted in Datanova (a two-day virtual event) that is centered on Data Mesh, which is a unique distributed architectural approach to data management.

The goal of Data Mesh is to guarantee that data products are owned by business domains. The change in the strategy will be important as it can influence business decisions. Companies may enable whole business sectors to become genuinely data-driven by providing data as a product. Starburst and Starburst enterprises are data access and analytics engines that help organizations speed and simplify their journey.

The new features will enable Starburst Enterprise to deliver:

Streamlined visibility, which will enable data producers and data engineers to specify for end-to-end users. It will help them to easily identify the usage metrics as well as develop, publish, search, and manage curated Data Products based on different data sets.

Consistent governance – The consistent governance from the firm protects the data products along with accessibility and control.

Ultimate Accessibility – Businesses need data products that are both trusted and certified for regular business use, as well as those that are evaluated and reviewed by their users to assure quality and reliability.

“We continue to see a rapid rise in demand from companies that want to build and share data products,” said Justin Borgman, CEO and co-founder of Starburst. “Treating data as a first-class product drives domain owners to deliver high value and high-quality data for analysis by a wide range of consumers across the organization. I’m proud of the team for delivering what I believe is the first solution of its kind.”

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