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LatentView Analytics Launches New Growth Accelerator

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The Growth Accelerator was launched from LatentView Analytics, a global leader in data and analytics and a trusted partner to many brands. The platform was created to help institutions win and retain customers, open new revenue streams, and compete in the digital economy. Growing organizations that face innovation challenges and scale-up challenges related to digital transformation can benefit from the Growth Accelerator program. Growth for subscription-based businesses will be the first focus area for the Accelerator.

Rajan Sethuraman, CEO of LatentView Analytics, said, “The continued shift to digital and the rise of the on-demand economy across countless categories has created significant opportunities and challenges for brands related to competitors and consumers. As more people expect value and convenience, companies that offer subscriptions as an option, or as a core part of their business, must examine and carefully calibrate their models. Our goal is to help subscription-based businesses navigate this and maximize long-term growth.”

Using LatentView’s deep business expertise and backed by the power of data, the Growth Accelerator aims to help organizations accelerate growth both on top and bottom lines. There is considerable potential for legacy and digital companies to grow through business models and functions. Analytics will assist LatentView’s clients in identifying and seizing opportunities for adapting and adjusting their business models. It will increase operational efficiency and improve the buyer journey for prospects and customers.

Annu Baral, LatentView’s Vice President of Consulting Services, added, “While the impact of COVID-19 has been significant, the subscription economy has not only proven resilient but has seen significant growth in some sectors. As we enter the post-pandemic business landscape, some companies are fighting subscription fatigue and customer churn while others are scaling back up from the contraction that occurred during 2020. It’s our goal to help these businesses make their subscriptions stickier and increase customer lifetime value.”

LatentView will unveil its first category of expertise in subscription-based businesses early next year. The company will also introduce new Accelerator categories in sales, digital marketing, and operations management.

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