ServiceNow, a leader in a digital workflow that enables people to function more effectively at work, announced ServiceNow Messaging Service to help organizations improve customer service.

John Ball, SVP and GM of Customer Workflows, ServiceNow, said, “COVID reinforced the importance of putting the customer first, which is why today’s organizations must deliver digital experiences that are seamless and effortless for customers. With ServiceNow Messaging Service, we are improving customer engagement while supporting customers on the channels of their choice. This is a natural extension of ServiceNow Customer Workflows, which unite the front, middle, and back-office to create a great end-to-end customer experience.”

It allows organizations to integrate SMS and WhatsApp directly into ServiceNow workflows by leveraging the Twilio platform. With this technology, ServiceNow Messaging Service can integrate popular messaging platforms with ServiceNow workflows more easily. Organizations can use this channel to engage with customers and employees regardless of location and to provide seamless end-to-end experiences for customers.

With ServiceNow Messaging Service, businesses can communicate transparently with customers and meet heightened customer expectations. Through popular messaging services, customers can find answers, get help, and request services, and businesses can resolve disputes quickly using the Now Platform, which units the front, middle, and back offices with digital workflows, breaks down silos, and automates processes across teams.

In addition, the ServiceNow Messaging Service provides organizations with a way to respond to employees no matter where they are, enabling them to get help and request services from various departments across the organization, including HR and IT.

Twilio’s partnership with ServiceNow continues to grow and evolve with ServiceNow Messaging Service. Companies have been working together since 2019 to make messaging a core part of their interactions with key stakeholders.