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New Omnichannel Journeys By Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP

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Blueshift SmartHub Customer Data Platform (CDP) adds new capabilities for orchestrating journeys across all customer-facing touchpoints such as support, commerce, sales, loyalty, product, and other channels. Through the integration of its new App Hub and next-generation Omnichannel Journey Builder, Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP provides marketers with first-of-its-kind capabilities that will enable them to leverage the power of smart CDPs. In October 2021, Blueshift’s new advanced capabilities and partner ecosystem will be available.

Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder, and CEO of Blueshift said, “As marketing and customer experience channels grow closer together, marketers need the ability to intelligently orchestrate deeply personalized experiences across key interactions along the customer journey. Our new releases will help them extend personalized experiences to the channels where they need to take place. We’re continuously looking at where the market is heading and enhancing our SmartHub CDP to provide the capabilities brands need to make customer engagement more effective and teams more productive.”

The Blueshift App Hub and Ubiquitous Omnichannel Journey Builder together fill the void created by traditional CDPs and Campaign Management Platforms (CMPs) in connecting and orchestrating the entire customer experience. While traditional customer relationship management tools provide a unified view of customers and deliver them to various channels, they lack the capability to orchestrate journeys for each individual customer.

A customer journey management platform can orchestrate journeys, but they cannot access the full customer profile and are limited in their marketing channel data. A CMP can orchestrate journeys only through marketing channels. Through Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP, these two elements are seamlessly merged.

Blueshift’s new apps hub and next-generation Omnichannel Journey Builder enable brands to deliver personalized customer experiences easily across all channels. Ecommerce brands, for instance, can create a journey based on a purchase and include a direct mail upsell post-purchase product reviews and post-purchase satisfaction surveys-all on one platform that tracks each customer’s exact location at any given time.

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