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New Partnership Between DRUID AI and Office Samurai

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A global leader in conversational AI technology, DRUID, announced a new strategic partnership focused on next-generation hyper-automation capabilities with Office Samurai, a technology consulting firm that specializes in process improvement and robotic process automation (RPA). The goals of the initiative are to enhance the value of automation by organizing financial business processes efficiently across a number of organizational types in Europe as well as internationally.

Simona Hurjui, Alliances and Channels Partner Enablement Lead, DRUID, said, “This is a tremendous add-on to the diversified portfolio of DRUID partners and has considerable promise in many of our areas of interest. Office Samurai will take the conversational AI to new companies and territories.”

DRUID extends functionality to robots from UiPath, an enterprise software automation company, empowering them with out-of-the-box conversational capabilities, adding enhanced cognitive capabilities, and simplifying automated tasks.

Andrzej Kinastowski, CEO, Office Samurai, said, “The partnership with DRUID will bring the most advanced conversational AI technology to our prospective clients. This relationship bodes well for AI and RPA’s future.”

DRUID’s virtual assistants can be used to streamline complex end-to-end hyper-automation projects by communicating and initiating actions between attended and unattended robots. With the revolutionary proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine built into DRUID chatbots, the chatbots have the power and capability of being accessible to a broader audience. With over 500 pre-built conversational skills distributed across roles, processes, and industries, it ensures a fast time to value.

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