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New Shorts Analytics Insights to Artist Channels on YouTube

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YouTube continues to break new ground with its TikTok-like Shorts offering, this time showing music creators how popular their songs are among Shorts users.

YouTube has added one more update to their YouTube Analytics for official artist channels, which lets you see which songs have been used most frequently in Shorts clips over the previous 28 days. Also, YouTube will show musicians which of their songs are generating interest within Shorts, along with the total number of views for those clips.

YouTube’s Shorts push continues to grow, and since Shorts are popular, it makes sense for YouTube to participate, while adding pressure to TikTok, which is still working to establish its monetization models. The key advantage YouTube has in this race is its revenue-sharing system, which pays billions to creators every year. With only $200 million in direct compensation, TikTok’s Creator Fund is a drop in the ocean compared with YouTube’s reported $15 billion in 2021.

YouTube aims to support its top stars diversify their channels by providing better insight and connections to their Shorts performance, enabling them to promote and gain additional viewers via their Shorts clips, which will then, hopefully, draw more people back to their main channel, where they can earn real money.

As YouTube’s platform incorporates its growing short video clips, rather than posting to TikTok, YouTube creates a more structured content approach than TikTok offers, and it will be hoped that creators see more potential in that over time instead of posting to TikTok.

With these new analytics, top stars will be encouraged to use more Shorts, thereby maximizing their in-app activities.

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