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New Tracking Platform From Inspectorio to Prevent Supply Chain Delays

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Inspectorio Tracking is Inspectorio’s first cloud-based AI-powered SaaS product, and it helps brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers manage risk by digitizing quality and compliance processes.

Carlos Moncayo, CEO of Inspectorio, said, “The past year and a half has exposed multiple issues within the supply chain caused by outdated processes, procedures, and technologies. Communication failures became commonplace and even the norm. Now is the time to focus on solving these issues with technology that provides better insights into tracking data at all stages of production. With Inspectorio Tracking, we will lead the advancement of software for the supply chain and empower businesses from multiple industries to optimize their quality, sustainability, and compliance operations.”

Inspectorio is the first firm to offer a comprehensive platform that combines quality, compliance, and production tracking with machine learning to adopt a proactive rather than reactive approach. Inspectorio Tracking is a comprehensive and simple-to-use system that provides businesses with real-time data from the factory floor. Target USA, Kohls, Crocs, and other prominent brands and retailers are among Inspectorio’s current clientele.

All supply chain partners have access to objective and trustworthy data through the platform. Access to full activity logs and exception management reports for each purchase order is a big differentiator, allowing you to quickly identify areas of risk or delays. Furthermore, it reduces administrative expenses by centralizing all production tracking activities and communications on a digital platform.

By putting all actions and data into one platform, Inspectorio helps to digitize quality compliance and eliminate data silos. Inspectorio’s solutions provide real-time data and reporting for all of these operations, allowing businesses to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to quality, compliance, and production monitoring.

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