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Newgen to Unveil Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform, NewgenONE

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It has been announced that Newgen Software will unveil NewgenONE, the only comprehensive digital transformation platform that will simplify complex business processes, manage even the messiest information, and drive customer engagement based on changing requirements.

Diwakar Nigam, Managing Director and Chairman, Newgen Software, explained, “Enterprises are embracing digital transformation to simplify processes spanning siloed departments, information across data systems and files, and customer engagements across channels. NewgenONE is the only platform that can handle such levels of complexity for superior employee and customer experiences. NewgenONE unlocks simple.”

He further continued, “Our platform does it all—from developing 100% custom-fit business applications to helping enterprises leverage hyper-automation and robotic process automation, from enabling scalability in processes to simplifying use cases across industries. The platform seamlessly handles complex business processes and manages the complex information related to those processes.”

Through this platform, businesses can develop and deploy customer-engaged, complex, content-driven, and content-driven cloud applications. With NewgenONE, IT developers have access to information while being armed with speed and agility. Also, it allows for seamless integration of backend systems and third-party applications.

NewgenONE, Newgen’s digital transformation platform, combines existing functionality in content handling, automation, and communications management. With the NewgenONE Digital Transformation Platform, organizations become more efficient in all operations, allowing stakeholders to utilize information, make informed decisions, and service internal and external customers more effectively.

With NewgenONE, enterprises can manage business complexity, enable customer success, and accelerate the process of digital transformation. For their content-driven business transformation initiatives and customer-facing initiatives, companies in 72 countries rely on NewgenONE’s industry-leading technology.

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