MCE Systems, a leading provider of device lifecycle management solutions for mobile operators, has released an update to their wireless Content Transfer App. New device onboarding and setup now support cross-platform content transfer.

The latest update includes faster wireless transfer speeds of up to 1.30 minutes per GB, improved branding control, and analytics to monitor process churn and data transfer utilization. As a result, MCE Systems delivers omnichannel-ready content transfer that requires minimal IT integration and is omnichannel-ready with feature sets that meet the demands of today’s consumers.

Liran Weiss, CCO, and Co-founder of MCE Systems said, “Our workflows optimize CX, guide upsell opportunities, and help Operators to own the customer relationship to drive repeat engagement and reduce churn. We understand the importance of speed to impact, which is why our Content Transfer is built with telco-grade security, privacy, and friction-free IT, for fast and effortless implementation.”

MCE’s device lifecycle service platform includes Content Transfer, which is a customer service ecosystem powered by automation that enables Operators to create ready-to-use omnichannel customer journey management propositions for device set up, service, care, and repair, as well as upgrades and VAS X/Upsell. The platform enables closer alignment of business programs with customer strategies by providing value-based insights and intelligent automation.