Staffing solution firm, NexTech Solutions, recently announced the launch of its automated platform, “MANTLE.” The platform, which is built for the edge, uses cloud-native technologies to deploy infrastructure components and software services to Warfighter. Rapid and repeatable automated infrastructure distribution experience can be provided by MANTLE, and completely automated virtual infrastructure will be available at the click of a button.

Simplifying operations at a scale and giving infrastructure access controls to users, MANTLE provides a consistent distribution model in both connected and denied, disrupted, intermittent or limited environments. The suite drastically reduces the resource requirements to distribute and remove setup discrepancies on any hardware platform without impacting its capabilities. Before securely shutting down and preparing for deployment, MANTLE automatically configures infrastructure components, installs contemporary workloads, and checks the configuration’s integrity.

“MANTLE makes your IT infrastructure deployment faster, safer, and smarter,” said Will Lester, VP of Engineering, NTS. “At NTS, we seek to provide every possible advantage to the operator, knowing that their equipment must function every time, in any condition, and especially when it matters most.”

MANTLE can be used by Department of Defense communicators without having much expertise in automation technologies, the cloud, Python, or JSON. Users will be able to deliver faster service with less manual configuration using MANTLE. Repeatable tasks needed to build, tear down, and rebuild systems used in demonstration and evaluation are automated using MANTLE.

The configuration engineer may specify a desired end-state in plain language and then swiftly deploy that configuration to their mission hardware using MANTLE’s consistent deployment mechanism. MANTLE lowers deployment time and assures that the kit is manufactured to specification on time, every time.